J-Merk x Riff Raff

Rare Gem out of the archives for #ThrowBackThursday 

Mr.Merk alongside Jody Highroller aka “The Peach Panther” himself, together after a concert in Chicago. This Photo was taken after the Two freestyled and discussed music in a dark back alleyway.  Stay tuned for more random throwback thursday freshness. πŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸ»

J-Merk x Gibert Joseph

Hey guys, its J-Merk here, Just would like to take the time out and give a big thank you to the store “Gibert and Joseph” in Paris, France. (34 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006)  for supporting J-Merk and carrying my releases. If you happen to be Parisian, Head to the store NOW! And pick up a copy of “visions of mithra” and “plowon”, you will not be dissapointed. THANK YOU TO THE FANS All OVER THE WORLD FOR THE SUPPORT!!!  -J


J-Merk x Martin Shkreli

J-Merk had a conversation this evening via video chat with the Big Pharma “douche bag” himself, (As many call him.) “Martin Shkreli” The two briefly discussed music, and His current role as Public Enemy #1, “was an Interesting conversation to say the least.”, From J’s assesment of Martin, “He comes off as a dick, but it seems to be an (act) on purpose. Playing that “villain role”, so many people pigeon hole him as. Deep down he appears to be a pretty chill guy, who Enjoys music, cherry coke, and talking to people online. Even if it only means just talking shit. He’s Definitely  a “no frills” stand up – regular guy. I can respect that.” 


J-Merk x Mark Zuckerberg

J-Merk started a brief discussion with Facebook Creator “Mark Zuckerberg” on his Plans to Create these “Drones” that will literally fly to your house and give you “cheap” Internet Access. YES the future is NOW! What sort of Orwellian / Terminator esque “sky-net” fantasies are being plotted by the world’s elite? And could this possibly hurt us, more than help? Only time will tell in the age of spirtual machines, the possibilities are endless. Sit back and enjoy the show.. The revolution WILL be televised.

 For further reading on these “facebook drones” click here : http://www.businessinsider.com/zuckerberg-wants-to-fill-the-sky-with-drones-satellites-and-lasers-to-deliver-the-internet-to-everyone-2014-3

J-Merk x B.B.Z. Darney



As a gift to their family, friends, fans and supporters. The Final video for their critically acclaimed album: “Born Dead”. J-Merk and B.B.Z. Darney bring to you a special offering, to close out this incredible year of 2015, with “Long Road”. Mr. Merk takes his listeners on a journey of his past, present and future, accompanied by; BBZ Darney’s signature “slap”. That garnered him in many “Elitist” hiphop discussions and forum boards, as “Underground” Hip-Hop’s, most promising up and coming beat-smiths, for his production on such works with “Ill Adrenaline” record’s Artist: “UmaNg” and “Mic Theory” record’s very own, “Epidemic”. The Duo of J-Merk’s fierce lyricism and Mr. Darney’s Production appear to be a “Breath Of Fresh Air”. In this very saturated and stiff music market. Only time will tell what the future holds for Hip-Hop music and culture. But one thing is for certain, That J-Merk will continue to deliver, and “Give back to the culture that gave so much to me.” And with that being said, A Long Journey awaits, Are you coming with? LET’S GO!
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J-Merk’s Official Facebook

Recent Update: Facebook recently Verified J-Merk’s “Artist” page. And J will now take part in “Facebook mentions” live streams and Q+A’s, to better interact with his friend’s and supporters. So please tune in and subscribe to his Facebook page for updates. And also Be sure to Invite all of your friends to “like” the page and make sure their friends do as well. πŸ‘πŸ» (Peace.)

J-Merk’s Verified Facebook

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