J-Merk x Mark Zuckerberg

J-Merk started a brief discussion with Facebook Creator “Mark Zuckerberg” on his Plans to Create these “Drones” that will literally fly to your house and give you “cheap” Internet Access. YES the future is NOW! What sort of Orwellian / Terminator esque “sky-net” fantasies are being plotted by the world’s elite? And could this possibly hurt us, more than help? Only time will tell in the age of spirtual machines, the possibilities are endless. Sit back and enjoy the show.. The revolution WILL be televised.

 For further reading on these “facebook drones” click here : http://www.businessinsider.com/zuckerberg-wants-to-fill-the-sky-with-drones-satellites-and-lasers-to-deliver-the-internet-to-everyone-2014-3

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