J-Merk x B.B.Z. Darney



As a gift to their family, friends, fans and supporters. The Final video for their critically acclaimed album: “Born Dead”. J-Merk and B.B.Z. Darney bring to you a special offering, to close out this incredible year of 2015, with “Long Road”. Mr. Merk takes his listeners on a journey of his past, present and future, accompanied by; BBZ Darney’s signature “slap”. That garnered him in many “Elitist” hiphop discussions and forum boards, as “Underground” Hip-Hop’s, most promising up and coming beat-smiths, for his production on such works with “Ill Adrenaline” record’s Artist: “UmaNg” and “Mic Theory” record’s very own, “Epidemic”. The Duo of J-Merk’s fierce lyricism and Mr. Darney’s Production appear to be a “Breath Of Fresh Air”. In this very saturated and stiff music market. Only time will tell what the future holds for Hip-Hop music and culture. But one thing is for certain, That J-Merk will continue to deliver, and “Give back to the culture that gave so much to me.” And with that being said, A Long Journey awaits, Are you coming with? LET’S GO!
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