Jan 2013 – J-Merk EP (Promo use only) *Self Released*

April 2013 – 1984 atrophie (appearance in track #8 “stade terminal”) *Rap And Revenge*

Jan 2014 – Life and death production vol 1. (appearance in track #8 “horror pictures”) *Anno Domini Records*

Feb 2015 – Born Dead (J-Merk and BBZ Darney) *Just Us Music*

Feb 2015 – Beyond the grave (visions of mithra)  *Rap And Revenge*

July 2015 – Plow On (Dj Stylus and Anipsal) appearance in track “Perilous Journey” *VSNG.com*

Nov 2015 – Masters Of Mayhem (DJ WhiteShadow of Norway) appearance in track “Walking Targets.” *Self Released*

March 2017- Dead End (DJ Lowcut) appearance in track “Longevity” *Rugged Records*

October 2017 – Mixture (Grim Reaperz) appearance in track “No Mercy” *Just Listen Records*

Nov. 2018  – Never Die Eazy  (POSTPARTUM)

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