J-Merk x B.B.Z. Darney



As a gift to their family, friends, fans and supporters. The Final video for their critically acclaimed album: “Born Dead”. J-Merk and B.B.Z. Darney bring to you a special offering, to close out this incredible year of 2015, with “Long Road”. Mr. Merk takes his listeners on a journey of his past, present and future, accompanied by; BBZ Darney’s signature “slap”. That garnered him in many “Elitist” hiphop discussions and forum boards, as “Underground” Hip-Hop’s, most promising up and coming beat-smiths, for his production on such works with “Ill Adrenaline” record’s Artist: “UmaNg” and “Mic Theory” record’s very own, “Epidemic”. The Duo of J-Merk’s fierce lyricism and Mr. Darney’s Production appear to be a “Breath Of Fresh Air”. In this very saturated and stiff music market. Only time will tell what the future holds for Hip-Hop music and culture. But one thing is for certain, That J-Merk will continue to deliver, and “Give back to the culture that gave so much to me.” And with that being said, A Long Journey awaits, Are you coming with? LET’S GO!
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Wake up

” Born Dead ” ( J-Merk x B.B.Z Darney ) 2015 Album available now!
BandCamp : https://j-merk.bandcamp.com/album/bor…
iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bor…
UGHH: http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/j-me…
All beats, mixing/song arrangement and album art by: BBZ Darney. Guest artist on this album include: Kid Fade (of PsychWard) & Dreamtek of (7oddz) on the song “pearly gates”, and uMaNg on the song: “verbal vendetta”…all other songs are written, performed and recorded by: J-Merk from July-Oct of 2014 all cuts performed on this album are courtesy of: DJPhilogic… Special thanks to Rich Wagner at rediscover records for letting us do our thing in his store. Executive produced by: J-Merk, J-Merk appears courtesy of “Just-Us Music” (all rights reserved)

Semper paratus

First single/video from the J-Merk x B.B.Z Darney Album ( Title TBA )
Track performed by J-Merk. Beat produced by B.B.Z Darney. Track Mixed by B.B.Z Darney. Video Shot and recorded by : Justus F. Additional camera work by: Christian B.
Edited by : B.B.Z Darney. Video was shot in following locations : Illinois,newyork,Colorado,California.
I (J-merk) would like to thank all those who participated in this video project, and an extended thanks to my family and friends…special thanks goes out to Shawn, Chaz, EL, Milo, Christian,Fernando, Bone, Joey, Barry @ “get your buzz up” and BBZ!
Stay on the lookout for two other BBZ Darney produced projects coming soon; D-rev – Dirty Capital ( Mic Theory Records ) uMaNg – The Black Rose Certificate ( Ill Adrenaline Records )

Studio cipher footage

Ripped from a-walk-inda-parks page, to see more videos from 7oddz.com visit his channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/AWALKINDA…
This is another City Wide/ State Wide/ World Wide Real Hip Hop Session brought to you by SEVEN ODDITIES RECORDS. Track produced by 7Oddz very own DREAMTEK. Video footage shot and edited by 7Oddz very own A-LEX (A Walk In The Park Productions).
Session Location: FALLOUT SHELTER STUDIOS(773)-564-3419