“J-Merk” (Never Die Eazy) Press Release. 2018.

For a rare, special edition appearance.

German beat connoisseurs “postpartum” have teamed up with 28 year old rhyme slaying, Chicago, Illinois. native. “J-Merk” for an all new limited edition Vinyl release of /150 Black editions and /250 Red vinyl editions both in 180 gram LP formats.

Never Die Eazy” Is a well crafted, sharply polished gem of a hiphop EP in LP format. True to the formula: of loops, drums and bars. With the occasional, needle shredding cuts laced throughout.

(Reminiscent of the genres “Golden Era”)

J-Merk’s lyrical ensemble appears to have a seamless touch of maturity and clarity this time around. Like a finely crafted malt whiskey in a barrel aged to perfection. This Ep makes a bold artistic statement. As J-Merk balances somewhat social and introspective concepts with highly technical lyrical cadences, with classical songwriting abilities and techniques throughout the mc’s performances. In collusion with intense back beats provided by popular Hiphop talents such as “House Of Pain” and “Limp-Bizkit” member “DJ Lethal”. As well as Popular Austrian and German producers “Brenk Sinatra” and “Morlockko Plus”. (Which Way Iz West / Hexenkessel) not to mention the likes of Dublin Based Beatsmith “Darren Neill”. Also contributing is viral “YouTube” content creator & music composer “DjSadhu”. As well as two guest feature appearances by Veteran Mc “Mr. Gene Poole”. Hailing from Minnesota (Yeah, Midwest in the house!) most notable for his works with “rhymesayers ent.” alumni “Atmosphere”.

Mr. Gene Poole delivers a sharp barrage of nostalgic rap flows reminiscent of his much earlier work with the highly coveted cult classic “twin cities” rap group “DynoSpectrum”.

In all, the music provided in “Never Die Eazy”, brings the perfect sonic landscape for this Artist to truly deliver a great musical project. “There’s elements of folk songs, choir, jazz, funk and electronic music” notes the Artist and Executive Producer “J-Merk” (who continues to elaborate on His Latest release since 2015.)

“This project is a labor of love, from the beats to the lyrics to the mixing and mastering, even the Artwork. It’s all love”. Fans of Previous

postpartum releases can find something undeniably enjoyable about this EP. Many will agree that this album appears to be a nice addition to the record label.

“I would like to thank postpartum for showing me respect and believing in my craft and giving me the freedom to create without restrictions. Thank you. Also, much love to everyone involved with this work of Art. Thanks for lending me your talents to help me unleash these chakras. Infinite props and blessings to all of you.”. -J

For those unfamiliar, uninformed and profane; postpartum is an independent Hiphop record label based in Edelsfeld, Germany. Who are gaining popularity amongst vinyl enthusiasts and beat making aficionados. With their limited edition monthly vinyl and cassette releases, showcasing some of the globes finest obscure beat-making talent. Using Hiphop culture as a vehicle in which to revive a much needed aesthetic for audiophiles that is presently intangible in today’s internet music market. These guys over in Edelsfeld, are surely on the pulse of what’s happening in the beat making community. I expect many positive things on the horizon in postpartum’s future.

In closing, “Never Die Eazy” is a great collaboration between both parties. As “J-Merk’s” previous releases have garnered much acclaim amongst music journalists and bloggers alike. It only makes sense that they combine forces to bring fans a true special edition release for all the Hiphop heads, worldwide! As this is a well rounded album, that is making an attempt at standing the test of time as a Hiphop classic. Giving you an unrivaled rarity of a best of both worlds scenario of Beats and Rhymes. (Choose a side and pick your poison.) Mr. Merks “Never Die Eazy” is sure to stand out as one of the top rap releases of 2018.







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J-Merk x Steve Grad

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of meeting former (PSA/DNA) and current (Beckett) Chief Authenticator “Steve Grad”. (The Guy from the Hit TV Series Pawn Stars). As a collector and fellow Chicagoan it was a pleasant experience talking with him about my collection, and having him tell me a little bit more about one of my items in particular. Looking forward to having Steve personally authenticate more items from my ever expanding personal collection. Cheers! 🍻 -J

J-Merk x Dj Low Cut

World renown, French Beatsmith. “Dj LowCut” is back, following up his critically acclaimed LP. “New York Minute”. With his Latest Offering, “Dead End”. (In stores now). With 22 hard hitting boom bap bangers, featuring some of Hiphop’s finest Wordsmiths. Such as, Masta Ace, Torae, King Magnetic, Ruste Juxx, Guilty Simpson, Dirt Platoon, and Many others. You can hear the track J-Merk is featured on track (#14) “Longevity” Accompanying J, is Queens bridge MC : “G.O.D pt.3”. (Of Infamous Mobb) and MC / Producer “Jamil Honesty”. 🔥🎤

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(Physicals copies, can be purchased on all formats: (Vinyl, CD, Cassette.) Via the Bandcamp link. As well as iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon.com for High Quality MP3 downloads or streaming.)   

#DjLowCut x #JMerk

J-Merk x Commissioners Trophy

As a life long Cubs fan, This is easily the greatest moment of my life thus far. Almost a century and a decade in the making. I am so proud of my home team for bringing home the Gold! Would like to dedicate this to my GrandFather Albert, my next door Neighbor Frank. And “Mr.Cub” himself, Ernie Banks! (See the cub on my shoulder?) Rest easy guys, This ones for you! -J


J-Merk x Javier Baez

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting “Javier Baez” #9 shortstop and 3rd baseman of the “Chicago Cubs” today, it appears he mispelled  “division”. But all good.  As long as this team keeps “Flying The W”. That shouldn’t matter one bit. (World Series bound? 🤔) Be sure to follow Javier Baez on twitter! @javy23baez I wish him a great postseason and career to come! #GoCubs #FlyTheW -J