“I’m still in my twenties, I’m still learning and growing with every passing day”, says the Illinois native named Justus aka “J-Merk”, as he picks up a pair of headphones which appear to be bulky and rather expensive.”I’ve been writing lyrics since the age of 12, and gradually I started recording little demos at around 14″. Learning to be a musician at a young age appears to be a common trait amongst artist’s of any genre, as well as any other “fine art” laureate. “Since then I have recorded and shared stages with established artist’s nationally and even internationally as well, ranging from artist’s in the independent community, to multi platinum, and Grammy nominated producers, to even bedroom studio musicians. “I’m literally willing to work with anybody who shares similar views to my own”. When asked to describe the “J-Merk” sound, he compellingly describes it as, “An urban Hiphop sound with an alternative twist, and quasi- heavy metal imagery and themes to go along with it”.  J also sternly adds: “But my passion is and always will be Rap and HipHop music!”
J-Merk’s music has a socially poignant yet witty and refreshing style of “Rap”, which carries deep emotions and lots of “double sometimes triple entendres”. The music’s overall theme is mostly esoteric in nature, yet occasionally grounded in social and political under tones in which fans of many genres of music can relate or tolerate. “I work with many talented producers, And its not the usual “music business”, relationship. I mean these guy’s are my friends! And them being extremely good at their respective crafts is a bonus!” The young Chicagoan describes his personal relations and music related ones as “completely organic and Non-artificial”. “I always keep it real and from the heart”, says Mr. Merk, as he hops out of the vocal booth, like Clark Kent turned superman, who’s sole mission statement is to spread his message of social awareness via “two turn tables and a microphone”.

In closing, I asked what is to come from him? What exactly does the future hold for this artist?, How will he deliver his ever evolving style of Rap, In such an overly saturated market? “I’m not concerned with what others are doing. There’s so much work to be done, thats why I’m always in the studio creating. Because there’s a lot of competition, so to be ahead of the curve, you have to consistently release good music and video’s, and I will continue to do just that over these next couple of years!” J-Merk is slated to release 2 full length releases and a slew of singles and videos in 2016-2017.

Can you say Cheers to the future?

-To be continued